Build notes

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Using git-flow and travis (although no tests at present so travis does very little except for testing the thing builds)

Use git flow to create a release and then bump the version number in

Check the package builds and installs locally:

python sdist bdist_wheel

Once all seems well, finish the release, go to the master branch and push it to create the tagged version on github.

Once that is done, switch back to develop and bump the version number to add .post9000 to show the code is in development again.


To upload the new version to testpypi, checkout master and run

python sdist bdist_wheel

Remembering to change the version number, you can then create an account at pypi and testpypi and use twine to test:

twine upload -r testpypi dist/*1.2.7*

and then - once that seems to have gone ok - release the distribution for use via pip

twine upload dist/*1.2.7*


The package documentation is maintained using MkDocs and deployed to MkDocs can be installed using:

pip install mkdocs

In order to build and deploy the documentation.

  • Edit the source files in the docs folder.
  • From the package root, run mkdocs build. This will create the docs site in the site folder - note that this folder is not included in the git repo.
  • Once you have checked the local copy of the documentation, then commiting the changes to the repository will automatically trigger a rebuild of the package documentation.