The agreement for research projects working at the SAFE Project states that all project data are submitted to the SAFE Project data repository, so that it is available to future researchers. In order to make it easy for data to be found and used in the future, we need researchers to provide some (relatively!) simple metadata information in their datafiles.

This documentation describes:

  1. the data formatting required to submit data to SAFE, and
  2. the software used (the python module safedata_validator to validate formatted data.

If you are planning to submit data, the process in overview is:

  • Prepare your data following the formatting information on this site.
  • Go to the SAFE Project website and Submit your dataset.
  • We will automatically validate the data formatting.
  • If the validation succeeds then we will publish it on Zenodo.
  • If the validation fails then you will get an error report so you can fix the problems and resubmit.

You can see published datasets at the SAFE Project Zenodo community.


You must not publish your dataset directly to Zenodo. This skips the validation step and means that the datasets are not linked together under our curation account.

There is a separate document containing build notes on the package design and build process.